Welcome to the Beautiful Puppy Boutique! We have the perfect selection of Dog Clothes, Dog Dresses, Dog Leashes and Collars, Dog Harnesses, Dog Beds, Dog Shoes, Dog Socks, and so much more for your little ones! Come check out our online store, were we have all sorts of sales on the dog clothing to get your companion looking his or her best! We specialize in having a selection that is always changing and at great prices. Shop online for all your doggie needs! Live in the South Florida area? Why not drop in and check out our Grooming Salon and Dog Boutique in person! Remember to bring your pet with you too!

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Grooming is more than just a hair cut. It may include bathing, combing, brushing, clipping nails, cutting or shaving mats, cleaning ears, and controlling external parasites.

Our Grooming service includes custom cut for your pet, thorough hand brushing, Gland Scent cleaning, Double bath, Hand and table blowdry, Nails clipped and filed, Ears plucked and cleaned, pretty bows and perfume if desired
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We provide superior dental cleaning without anesthesia for your dog. You get the same perfectly cleaned and polished teeth you expect with any cleaning, but with absolutely no anesthesia or any type of sedatives. We utilize the latest techniques and gentle holding positions, which calm and relax the patient throughout the procedure, to obtain excellent results without stressing out you or your pet.

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We Specialize in Tiny Toy and Teacup Puppies for sale, Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier) Puppies for Sale, Maltese Puppies for Sale, if you're looking for puppy for your family then you've come to the right place! We only house a few puppies at a time from highly reputable breeders. Please stop by or visit our puppies for sale section for more information, pictures and videos!

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