Blue Sailor Male Belly Band/Wrap

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Sizing Length for Belly Band Wraps.
Please Measure your pets!
Small 7.5 Inch – 11.5 Inch
Medium 11 Inch – 13.75 Inch
Large 13.5 Inch – 18 Inch



Male wraps for dogs, or dog belly bands, can help house train (housebreak) your dog or puppy as well as make house training a little more pleasant for everyone involved. Male wraps are great for incontinent dogs or dogs that urinate when excited or a little nervous.

  • Speed house training! Having your male dog wear a belly band while you are house training him will prevent urine stains and odors on carpet and furniture, which helps in housebreaking because your dog will not be tempted to remark areas where he smells his scent.
  • Perfect for dogs who “mark”. Once your dog discovers that he just pees into their belly bands (and get themselves a little wet) instead of hitting their desired targets, they are generally discouraged from marking. Clean up is also much easier!
  • Comfortable and absorbent for incontinent dogs.
  • Great for travel and visiting! A comfortable Male Wrap makes your dog or puppy a more welcome visitor and easier to clean up after in case of accidents.
    • Our dog belly bands are made of a cotton-blend material that has just the right amount of absorbency, softness and stretch to stay in the right position without binding or irritating your dog.
    • No plastic liner means that the skin can breathe properly, and there is no elastic to dig into your dog’s skin.
    • Adjustable hook and loop closures provide a sure fit.
    • Washable, and you can add an incontinence or sanitary pad to further increase the band’s capacity.
    • Our belly band wraps are washable and durable.
  • Instructions and care: Machine wash on gentle cycle in cold water with a mild detergent (do not bleach). Tumble dry on low heat or line dry. If your dog does urinate in the band please make sure his fur and skin are cleaned and dried as urine can cause skin irritation. Dogs tend to tolerate wearing the belly band very well. (They don’t seem to notice it much.) If your dog is able to scrunch it down or get it off, try putting it on with the overlap on the underside of the dog or contact us for more hints.

You may want to consider purchasing extra male wraps so that when one is being cleaned you have another available.

Please note: Measure your dog loosely around his waist where the male wrap would lie. PLEASE MEASURE CAREFULLY as we cannot take returns on this item due to sanitary reasons.

Sizing Length for Belly Band Wraps.
Please Measure your pets!
Small 7.5 Inch – 11.5 Inch
Medium 11 Inch – 13.75 Inch
Large 13.5 Inch – 18 Inch

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